This isn’t really a marketing weasel word (yet), but I think it’s a wonderful ambiguity that often comes up in business contexts.  Maybe you can deploy it in your next press release!

push the date forward (v.)

Translation: (1) Move the date later. (2) Move the date earlier.

English is wonderfully ambiguous sometimes.  For example, we have the word “fast,” which means both rapid and stuck in one place, and “sanction,” which means both to condone and to punish.  We can also add the word “forward” to the mix.  Sometimes we use “forward” to describe a time that is later, and other times we use it to mean something closer to the present.  By adding “push” to the expression, we can make the whole statement completely ambiguous and confusing — and so perfect for marketing contexts.

You’re welcome, America!

Example in use:

What the boss says: It’s important for us to get the quality right without compromising time to market.  Thus we must push the deadline forward in order to deliver the product at the right moment.

What his reports think: Huh?

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