Whether you’re a founder seeking money from investors, a CEO explaining your company to the press, or a marketer just trying to sell some business, your audience is going to have the same basic questions about your company.

The questions come down to understanding what your company is and why it exists – in essence, they are the core of your brand.

Answering these branding questions is a valuable exercise. They will help you think hard about your company’s purpose and its offering. When you provide clear, confident, and truthful answers to these questions, it will inspire feelings of trust and competence in listeners. And if you incorporate these branding messages into your online marketing, you can improve clickthrough and conversion rates.

So if you want to get your branding, PR, and messaging in shipshape, do yourself a favor and answer these questions. Memorize and practice the responses. For extra credit, make sure that everybody in your company knows the answers too. You’ll all be way ahead of the curve.

  1. What is your company, in one sentence? (the elevator pitch)
  2. What does your company do?
  3. What problem does your company solve, and why does it matter?
  4. Tell me about your products and services.
  5. What are the key benefits of your company?
  6. Who are your main customers now?
  7. What customers do you want in the future?
  8. Who do you compete with?*
  9. What’s different and better about your products versus those of your competitors?
  10. Tell me about your team.
  11. What are the key drivers of your business?
  12. How’s business?
  13. What are the most interesting trends in the market?
  14. What challenges do you face?
  15. What’s your vision for the future?

* Most companies have only the vaguest concept of their competition. Know your competitors, know yourself.

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